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Decrease rest time from 8 hours?


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Just asking the knowledgeable if it would possible to change the rest time to something shorter, say 2 hours.


Of course there are many better solutions to consider, but this is something simple (hopefully)



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Actually you do not wish to reduce the resting time, but the resting after casting, try this mod and you'll never need to rest to gain the spells back... though, it only works in BG2 based games.

Or this, it will give you mana based casting system.


Note, I couldn't reach www.teambg.eu/ just now, but I am sure the link will work soon for you.

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Hey Jarno, thanks for the quick reply. I still cant get the teambg.eu site to load, do you know of another link or the name of the mod?


The mana based mod is still essentially the same as vanilla in terms of resting, practically you are just no longer forced to pre-memorize spells, you can cast anything in your spellbook. However, this mod could work as im looking for if characters regained mana at the end of each combat, rather than on each rest. (I don't know much about IE coding, so if this is impossible please let me know)


I would still prefer the first mod, so hopefully its still around somewhere on the interwebs.

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Unfortunately the teambg.eu is offline for now. I'll upload the file to a site and PM you, so you'll get the iiSpellSystemAdjustments(04).zip . Arghm, darn. I can't PM you, well get the file from here.


+ the PM

Well, you should be able to download the file from link. Please check it for viruses just to be safe, and read the readme in the package.

PM me if you have anything else to ask.

It's a small package cause it's quite old and has really old WeiDU.exe in it...


Edit; I removed the links... let's hope you downloaded the file, or at least have the address saved.

PS; could you go to your Email server and go to the post that was sent by the G3, and go to the link in it, as you still have this:

Group: Awaiting Authorisation
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