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IWD2 custom sound problems

Guest Pyro

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my characters dont say anything when they get a critical hit and they dont say anything when a party member dies. i have the sound files in the proper format: 22 kHz, 16-bit, mono WAV files


the rest of the sound files work fine. any ideas?

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Well, does the soundset come with it's sounds for those occurrences? And how are they named?


They should be:

xxxxx36.wav : Being hit 3

xxxxx37.wav : Dying 1

xxxxx38.wav : Dying 2

xxxxx39.wav : Reaction to partymember dying 1

xxxxx40.wav : Reaction to partymember dying 2

xxxxx41.wav : Critical hit 1 (Optional)

xxxxx42.wav : Critical hit 2 (Optional)


Where the xxxxx -part is the sound name identifier, so it's need to be the exact same for each one.

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yup i know. and yes, i made the soundset myself, the prefix on them all is the same and there are sounds for 01-43. they just dont get played for some reason it seems

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