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Change classes via WeiDU


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Can someone help? I want to change on-fly class of Imoen from Thief/Mage into singleclass Thief; Anomen from Fighter/Cleric into Cavailer and Valygar from Stalker into Wizard Slayer. Mhm? It's for my probably first one good-quality mod ;-)

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I've tried, but I don't understand anything :D Really. :)


COPY_EXISTING ~imoen10.cre~ ~override~ 
WRITE_LONG 0x0273 4
WRITE_LONG 0x18 89000
WRITE_BYTE 0x234 8 
WRITE_BYTE 0x52 17
WRITE_SHORT 0x24 54 
WRITE_SHORT 0x26 54 
WRITE_BYTE 0x67 50 
WRITE_BYTE 0x68 20 
WRITE_BYTE 0x69 40
WRITE_BYTE 0x6a 65
WRITE_BYTE 0x45 40 
WRITE_BYTE 0x64 20 
WRITE_BYTE 0x66 24
WRITE_BYTE 0x54 12 
WRITE_BYTE 0x55 12 
WRITE_BYTE 0x56 11 
WRITE_BYTE 0x57 15 
WRITE_BYTE 0x58 13
WRITE_BYTE 0x235 0

I'm trying with this. :)

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