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I have Gavin installed as part of a Mega Mod (BGT). I enter AR9300 (FW3400 in TuTu) for the first time and just after loading the area I get a CtD. After playing with AR9300.are and then AR9300.BCS using NI I looked at another install to see what changed. I copied a AR9300.bcs from the other install (a very similar install) without Gavin to the override folder and I don't get a CtD. This leads me to believe it has something to do with the Gavin mod.


I have not installed Gavin on a standard BGT install so the bug may not be with your Gavin mod but a conflict with another mod. For this first encounter are there any spells cast? Maybe there is a bad spell and/or conflict with another mod?


I am not asking for this to be fixed! I can get along without Gavin. Just reporting what I have found with my install and I would be very happy to help with testing and/or sending you any files that you might want to look at.

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There are many spawns that occur the first time the area is entered, and several large scripts that load. Even on my (lightly) modified Tutu installation, I get a lag of a second or two when the area is entered for the first time. I can only imagine how this is compounded in a mega. It just might be too much for your computer to handle.


So no, it really isn't a bug. Well, it *is* inconvenient, but there's nothing that can be done about it.


CTDs occur with corrupted files, true, or bad spells, etc, but they can also occur when your system resources are over-allocated. I think this might be the case here, since there aren't any spells used at this point, no non-standard animations, etc.

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AREA9300 is the Tempel area and I don't think there is added to it so much, that your computer can't handle it. The best is, you start a new topic with your WeiDU.log and a changelog for this area at SHS in "Mega Mod Help" forum, so we can try to find out, what causes your CTD.


Greetings Leomar

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Just checking in with the latest on this. It looks like Chev got a corrupted creature file in the download. It does happen sometimes and it's an unwanted, but unpreventable, aspect of downloading mods.


Here are some of the more humorous incarnations of this that I've seen in player saves:

  • Bertram couldn't move because he was encumbered by 9999 onyx rings, all carefully stacked
  • Bertram (again) got stuck in a script loop and cast "Summon undead" 6 times or so, filling the room with skeletons
  • Bertram (AGAIN!) appeared unarmored in game, but that was only because he had a suit of +1 full plate stuck in his helmet slot. That must have hurt.
  • The half-orc guards spawned without weapons
  • The half-orc guards spawned twice
  • Valeria spawned as an elf (necromancers must be human, and she is)
  • Gavin spawned naked. Well, not really. He just didn't have any equipment.

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