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question about resistances.


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I admit, i'm confused by the resist flag in effects.

In dltcep i use these values:


0 non magical (that means not dispellable and not resisted)

1 dispellable, resistable

2 not dispellable, not resistable

3 dispellable, not resistable


Now the questions:


1. There seems to be no 'not dispellable but resistable' type.

I see little difference between 0 and 2. Not dispellable and not resistable magic effects are the same as nonmagical effects, as long as dispellability and resistability counts. Maybe the only difference is that nonmagical effects work in dead magic zones???


2. Keldorn's items in bg2 seem to be inconsistent. npsw03 has a resistable and dispellable effect.

How lame is that? Why would he want to resist his sword's cool effect.

And why equipping effects are dispellable anyway?

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There is no difference between 0 and 2. There isn't the possibility of not dispel/resist.


There are tons of dispellable equipped effects (usually color mods). Is just bugs from too much copy/paste. NPSW03 are because they copied from Free Action spell. (I'm pretty sure that resistance is totally ignored for applied on-equip effects. They also ignore target and power IIRC.)

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The dispel isn't ignored (the effect can be dispelled, and will get added back whenever the engine reapplies effects).


I think all the targets were ignored (even something like everyone), but it definitely doesn't require a valid target (0 works just fine). Power is 100% irrelevant for on-equip effects.


Per Taimon, Timing Mode 5 is Delay/While equipped. Basically, the effect switches on after Duration delay and remains active while the parent item is equipped. There's one item in BG/TotSC that uses this (unused, I think).

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I know the delay while equipped timing mode :(

Though i called it 'delayed unsaved'.


It turns to timing mode 8 once it goes live. (which i call permanent unsaved).


It's good to know these effects need to be removed if the parent item is unequipped!

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