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Out with the old....


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I've taken my husband to watch Star Trek movie as a treat for Father's Day, and I enjoyed the movie (against my expectations that I will be taking a nap). And, the only Start Trek before that I could manage was Voyager. Every time I see an old Enterprise episode of ST (I couldn't endure the movie #1 or 2, the one where nothing was happening) it looks so dated and cheesy, with dialogues and plots so awkward and unnatural, that I am not even remotely interested. But this cast was fun, space romp doesn't pretend to be deep, and I just sat back and had a blast watching it. I think it was a quint-essential soap opera. I'll follow the series based on these story-line any day, no matter all the glitches and certain cliches.


We also started watching the new Battle Star Galactica, and I am blown away with how smartly the roles of a very cheesy and half-baked series were re-thought and recast, and how much better the story had become. I love what they changed, and how it was fleshed out, I absolutely :) the villains, and the whole bunch of intertwined dilemmas, no easy solutions... Great show.



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