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My screen is f*cked up!

Guest jonathan

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Guest jonathan

hi! I am using a Dell inspiron 1720 laptop and i have been playing baldurs gate 2 for some time - without a single cheat code at all. I had made a great, great progress, used countless hours and beaten most of the sub quests and even the whole watchers keep, when i finally decided to move on to the mainquest at spell hold. Then, i wanted to try to run the game in higher resolution because my laptop screen is pretty large, it IS a widescreen and i though: Why not? so i downloaded the widescreen mod and it just didnt work with any of the X or Y numbers i typed. So i gave up and started baldurs gate to play on without the mod. What happened? The whole screen is F'cked up! its like there is a huge main screen, which about half of it is covered in blackness. When i move my mouse over it it multiplies so there is a lot of flickering mouse icons stuck in the blackness. And then there is a small screen, in the lower-right part of the screen, which looks fine apart from its small and 40% of it is missing. This is extremely frustrating. I tried to delete the widescreen and its folders i could find in the baldurs gate file in explorer but it doesnt change anything! what should i do?


I just cant stand the thought of reinstalling, i have come so far and used like 60 hours or more real time on this save alone, determined to complete the game with all sub quests too...

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I am assuming that you had installed the mod and re-installed a couple of times to try various X & Y settings. So when you gave up it sounds as if you had not uninstalled the mod, but just tried to play the game.


If that is true then this statement by you is now your problem:

I tried to delete the widescreen and its folders i could find in the baldurs gate file in explorer but it doesnt change anything!
without those files and folders you have no backup for the the mod to restore (provided you still have the setup executable file). This is why you now need to re-install the entire game.


If you make a note of the exact order of all your mods (if any) and set your last save prior to messing with the widescreen aside somewhere safe, you should be able to re-install the game, patch it, and install all the mods in the exact same order (leaving off the widescreen mod), move your save back into the save folder and give that a go. If you've got local stuff like portraits, sounds and scripts, be sure to back them up and restore them as well after the re-install...


But if after that you continue to have problems, you'll have to start a completely new game...

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The other possibility is if you have NOT emptied the recycle bin since you deleted the mod folder is to open the recycle bin and restore the folder (it's called 'widescreen'). Check that you still have 'widescreen.exe' in the root of your game folder - if so, you can now uninstall the mod cleanly.


Deleting a folder to uninstall a program (not just BG mods) is generally a bad idea because it is absolutely guaranteed to screw something up.



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