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SHS: aTweaks v2.6 Released

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aTweaks represents a compilation of PnP related tweaks and various house rules which are designed to bring more consistency to the gameplay. It works on normal Baldur's Gate II games as well as either of the two Baldur's Gate conversion projects: (Easy)Tutu and Baldur's Gate Trilogy (BGT). The mod is divided into multiple components all of which can be installed separately and are completely independent of each other.


New in aTweaks v2.6


This minor release makes some additional compatibility improvements and introduces three new components: "Rangers' Animal Empathy improves with experience", "Restore the Dispel Magic vulnerability to Nishruu and Hakeshars" and "Distinctive creature coloring". In summary, these components restore some previously disabled gameplay functionality and make it easier to distinguish creatures with similar avatars (especially Golems and Mephits) from each other. More detailed information on the new components and the full list of changes can be found here.


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