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Priest Type field


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This isn't a discovery; this is simply one of those creative ideas that have been floating around in my head these days. This can only be proven via testing.


Now on with my wild idea:


The Priest Type field would be very much like the kit exclusion field, except it's the class exclusion field, with known values of cleric/druid (paladin/ranger classes would use the latter, maybe).


Or it may be that those known values are an addition of class hex values; I know it's possible to exclude multiple kits from a spell by adding up the kit hex values (as many as you want).


It's just a wild idea that might start something; who knows?



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Cam did some research with this - it turns out that the option labelled Cleric/Paladin only by NI is one that removes the spells from Rangers and Druids, rather than granting them to Clerics and Paladins. So it does work as an exclusion thing like a kit unusability value - adding the values for the options Cleric/Paladin only and Druid/Ranger only results in a spell which is not added to any Priest spellbooks.


We are making use of this in Cleric Remix.


I think he already posted that here somewhere. :)

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