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A Fall from Grace


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I am a huge fan of the Dragonlance series and one of my favorite characters had been Lord Soth. The undead Knight. I had been looking all over to find someone willing to make this mod i had thought up, found many people interested in playing such a character but at this point no takers for doing all the work (not that i cant blame em) Anyhow as I have a few other places i have a decent idea for this hidden kit that will only be available when a number of requirements are met. I'll post below my basic idea for the kit aswell as the quest that goes along with it.


Also I am a firm believer in paying someone for a job well done so with that said anyone who deos decide to take this project on i am willing to throw a couple bucks their way. Now for the rest.


How i envisioned this kit/quest would be that you would have to be a Paladin of atleast 20th level when a special quest becomes available. From there you take part in the quest that could in turn lead you down a dark path and causing you to fall from grace or vanqishing the wicked and going on your way.


The basic quest idea at this point would be that you are approached by a well respected nobleman whom asks for your aid with a horrid creature that had killed his entire family. The party agrees to the quest and hunts this creature down and slays it then of course returns to the nobleman. What the party doesnt know is that this beast was the creation of the nobleman whom is a member of a cult that had kidnapped a youngman and transform him into this creature who in turn went beserk and killed many of the members of the cult ( the noblemans family inculded whom were also members ) aswell as compiled a large body count as the creature wandered the east coast. The nobleman invites the party to the inn where he is staying and manages to get the main character away from the party and poisons him and leaves him to die. A evil deitie decides to take advantage of this and appears to offer the main character aid for a price of course. Should the character take the offer or not is when causes them to fall or not. From this point depending on your choise would lead the character down two different paths one of upholding your holey nature, while the other is becoming a champion of darkness.


Anyhow thats just the basic idea it of course can be changed to better suit the kit and class. As for the kit below is the following advantages and disadvanges for the Death Knight.


Death Knight

1d12HD / Level

The XP table follows that of the paladin aswell as the saves.

Spells: radiates fear in a 5' radius, detect magic and detect invisibility at will, dispel magic twice per day, wall of ice at will., cast one of the following spells once per day: power word stun, power word kill or power word blind, cast symbol of fear and symbol of pain once per day and of course cast fireball once per day.

Spell Resistence: 75%


the downside to all this is that a Deah Knight may not use any healing magic at all.


There is two ways this can go about being done. All the abilities at once when the pally turns or they gain them as they advance in level starting at 20th.


Anyhow i'd like to hear what you guys have to think being i have great respect for the modding community, making good games better.

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The idea sounds interesting. I did not read much of the DL series but it seemed cool.


I would recommend against involving money in something like modding, but that's just my opinion.


I have no idea if a "hidden" kit is possible - I know that your quest is not very difficult to make.


For the kit, I would try this: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=584


You'll find that learning to make both the quest and kit yourself with some guiding help from experienced modders is much more rewarding than trying to hire someone to do it.

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I'll keep that in mind Ace, but as for modding myself i had downloaded NI and read a number of tutorials but it all seems alien to me in the end. At most i can create basic things using editors that do much of the work for you.

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