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Kivan doesn't love me anymore?

Guest Illya

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Me and Kivan were all happy and content and loved up yesterday, and then suddenly something changed. I decided to chat with him a bit, just to find that all flirt options had mysteriously vanished and I was back to the very small amount of topics you have when you first meet him.

We had just killed Bodhi together, and so far the romance had been going perfectly smooth and as planned, with my P#KivanLove increasing steadily. When I checked globals just now my P#KivanLove is at a shocking -10 :<


I have basically two theories...

1/ Kivan got pissed after Tazok's Heart got hijacked by the Shados of Soubar militia, never to be returned again...


2/ Something snapped after Xan went harakiri in the Bodhi encounter. Seeing as me and Xan were bonded Kivan might have been heartbroken. Or something. He didn't really mind Xan before...


If it's just the lack of heart that's messed my romance up, would someone please give me the item code for getting it back? If it's something else, I beg you on my bare knees to help me. I miss my Kivan... :<

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