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adding a circus to trademeet.


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I've been thinking about how neat it would be adding a circus to Trademeet (though it would be way beyond my current abilities). This idea was really inspired while listening to a song that had a beautiful circus tune to it. I thought "hay, what a beautiful tune! wouldn't it be great if there was a circus in SoA where i could have this playing." Then i thought of Trademeet. It would appear after escaping the Underdark, if Trademeet has been freed from the genies and if the RE with Guildmistress Busya has been explored (as the PC can suggest using the tents for a circus), Otherwise the RE with Guildmistress Busya would no longer be available.

I don't think this would take too much work, but it would really open up a spot for new NPCs to be introduced. And the music is absolutely beautiful, I'll look it up when i get home, but i know i can cut it up, put the circus tunes together and have it loop nicely.

But i would definitely need help with the scripting if anyone thinks this would be a good idea.


I took another look inside the tents. the one with the genie's empty, two have merchants but they talk about leaving soon, and the one off to the side's a pleasure tent :D

something else i noticed... are those hookahs? :blush:

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Well, there's the circus tent in Athkatla already, and the Nashkel Carnival, though I guess maybe they're not exactly the same thing as what you have in mind.


If you're just thinking of adding a few new creatures (with dialogues and scripts) as opposed to whole new areas, then I guess it's doable. The dialogue will probably be the toughest part.

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