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Bottomless bag of holding not bottemless

Guest Robman

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I installed everything correctly (no errors or anything). Now am I supposed to active these tweaks some how other than just installing them? I installed dungeon begone and that works fine and I had to do nothing.


The tweaks from the pack dont seem to work.

I havent checked everything only the stuff I wanted.

Unlimited arrow stack: dont work. still only get up to 40

Unlimited bag of holding: seems like i can put slightly more in it but i may be wrong. My gem bag, bag of holding, scroll case all get filled up in no time. And im not a pack rat. Im still only in the second chapter and i sell everything off once im done with a quest. already up to over 60k gold


And yes I started a new game after the Tweaks install.

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Are you sure you installed the bottomless bags. Open your WeiDU.log with Notepad and copy paste the text, then because you use the Vista, and have installed into the D:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SOA\, I wouldn't be sure if the fix is even applied, as the Vista protects the C:'s Program Files sub-folders from overriding, it could be that there is something like that going on... the best cure is to install the game to C: or D:\Games\BGII - SOA\


Of course the "Games" -folder should be mean games, not be "Games" if you speak non-English language as your primary language.

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