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psst - hey Baro...


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[...]or when some people who even don't have a degree in comp.sci./informatics believe that they *understand* what they do in WeiDU tp2 programming[...]


I don't understand headscratch.gif


Are you actually admitting that since Sikret doesn't have a degree in comp. science, he is not qualified to discuss tp2 programming?


Whoa! I'm shocked, Baro. how can you say something like that? I thought Sikky was your best friend? :D



I mean,


i) it's true Sikky did steal the concept of randomized item dropouts from Weimer and then proclaimed it was his idea all along,


ii) it's true Sikky did steal the 'timestop melee damage block' idea from Demi, and then insisted it was Demi who stole from him,


iii) it's true Sikky is still overwriting many existing game resources like an imbecile and then insists improved anvil to be installed last {then has the nerve to suggest IA does not have compatibility issues (it's always the other mod's fault, right?)} :thumbsup:


iv) it's true both Sikky and yourself have stated you don't care about 'mod popularity', only to end up having a PINNED topic titled "more than 10000 IA downloads" (which was silently un-pinned later.......I wonder why? did he perhaps realize even ONE-DAY mods easily surpass that number?) laughn.giflaughn.gif


v) and more recently, it's true Sikky couldn't even figure out how to make enemies attack unconscious targets then blamed his lack of skill on the game engine, when a much more experienced modder, DavidW, explained to him nicely that it's not a game engine issue, rather a simple scripting issue (and even gave Sikky the solution how to overcome it, only to have Sikky end up being too dumb and arrogant to accept he was wrong) laughatyouhk1.giflaughatyouhk1.gif





I mean, I can go on and on about Sikky's shortcomings, but you get the point...


My question is, why would you suddenly say such a harsh (although true) statement in public about your own soulmate? I thought Sikky was your "distinguished" developer? jest.gifjest.gif





Know this, Fraudonius. Any simp can get a bogus online PhD (and not just a lowly Bachelors) in computer science or any field for a couple hundred euro. That certainly wouldn't make him a "distinguished" developer by anyone's standards.


So before you make this foolish presumption about who does and who doesn't have a degree, post YOUR credentials first. And I don't mean some two bit Hungarian clown college diploma as proof (which, knowing you, may very well have been forged/swindled from a local pawnshop anyway). I mean REAL credentials from a prestigious world-famous (Harvard, Standord, Cambridge, Oxford, etc...) institution for producing exceptionally brilliant chaps such as yourself. ;) Then, and only then, the public might take you seriously (to some extent at least).


Now, if you're not willing to do that, then you are, as usual, openly admitting that these rhapsodies of yours are nothing more than reflections on the gyrations of your menstrual cycle.


Never, ever try and pull rank with this 'degree' nonsense, Fraud.




At ease.
















PS - good job on taking the thread offtopic yourself and blaming it on someone else. Clever use of misdirection as usual. :D

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Okay temujin I'm going to lock this. Because, quite frankly I don't want your argument with Baronius, that you started at BWL, spreading over here. If you really wanted to tell him about this you could've PMed him. Don't make it a public bitching contest.


Thank you :thumbsup:

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