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Few problems

Guest Drom

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So I killed bodhi, whom had taken Sarah and ended up killing her too. Picked up Sarah's body after the fight, but I'm wondering what am I supposed to do with it? There's nothing in my quest log and don't recall having any clues how to proceed. Found an old thread about the same issue and found out you'd have to put her in arms of some statue. Tried it (The statue in that amaunator temple thingie) but nothing happened, so I'm guessing I have to do something first? I'm playing v2.2, it should work in this version right?


Another question, if I install V3 now, I guess it doesn't work with my savegame?



My favourite NPC mod so far, whatsoever. :thumbsup:

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Have you ever done any of the bioware romances?


You need to put something else in the statue as well.


There is a book you can find in Bodhi's dungeon that will give you a hint, then just follow along.


If you can't figure it out post again. Anybody would be able to tell you this one.



Edit, sorry missed your V3 question:

If you uninstall your old version of Sarah and then install V3 you should have no problems with your saved games. Versions changes are usually fine, trying to play an old save with different mods installed would cause problems however.

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Have you ever done any of the bioware romances?


Now that I think of it, I believe I have always failed them sooner or later, heh.


Thanks for the hint, however. I suck figuring out stuff like that. :thumbsup:

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