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Weidu tp2 code request


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Lo folks,

Another tp2 code request:

I want to add an extension header to a series of items

I want to add 1 feature block to the new extension header.

I want to set the resource of the new feature block to the itm filename.


A single extension header already exists on all the items. The existing extension header may or may not contain effects.

The items may or may not have a number of equipping effects.


If someone could produce some magic tp2 code to do this, I would be very grateful.

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I was pointed to code within the G3Tweak pack, and so I've ended up with this:


COPY    ~Bleh/blah~                      ~tmp/~
 READ_LONG 0x64 "abilitiesoffset"
 READ_LONG 0x6a "effectsoffset"
 READ_SHORT 0x68 "#abilities"
 READ_SHORT 0x70 "#globaleffects"
 INSERT_BYTES "%effectsoffset%" 0x38
   WRITE_BYTE "%effectsoffset%" 3
   WRITE_BYTE ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x01) 0
   WRITE_SHORT ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x02) 3
   WRITE_ASCII ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x04) ~ISW2H01~
   WRITE_SHORT ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x0c) 5
   WRITE_SHORT ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x0e) 1
   WRITE_SHORT ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x1e) 1
   WRITE_SHORT ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x22) 0
   WRITE_BYTE ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x24) 0
   WRITE_SHORT ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x2a) 1
 WRITE_SHORT 0x68 ("%#abilities%" + 1)
 SET "#abilities" = ("%#abilities%" + 1)
 WRITE_LONG 0x6a ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x38)
 SET "effectsoffset" = ("%effectsoffset%" + 0x38)
 SET "ability#" = 0
 SET "total#effects" = "%#globaleffects%"
 WHILE ("%ability#%" < "%#abilities%") BEGIN
   READ_SHORT ("%abilitiesoffset%" +  "%ability#%" * 0x38 + 0x1e) "#effects"
   WRITE_SHORT ("%abilitiesoffset%" + "%ability#%" * 0x38 + 0x20) "%total#effects%"
   SET "total#effects" = ("%total#effects%" + "%#effects%")
 SET "ability#" = ("%ability#%" + 1)
 SET "neweffect" = ("%effectsoffset%" + ("%total#effects%" - "%#effects%") * 0x30)
 INSERT_BYTES "%neweffect%" 0x30
   WRITE_SHORT "%neweffect%" 82
   WRITE_BYTE ("%neweffect%" + 0x02) 1
   WRITE_LONG ("%neweffect%" + 0x08) 2
   WRITE_BYTE ("%neweffect%" + 0x0c) 1
   WRITE_BYTE ("%neweffect%" + 0x12) 100
   WRITE_EVALUATED_ASCII ("%neweffect%" + 0x14) ~%SOURCE_FILE%~
   WRITE_BYTE ("%neweffect%" + 0x1B) 0
   WRITE_LONG ("%neweffect%" + 0x1C) 0x00000000
   WRITE_SHORT ("%neweffect%" + 0x20) 0x0000


Does 99% of what I want, and I can manage the rest myself, so, thanks :D

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