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    CCIE Creature Creator for the Infinity Engine (CCIE - Cre-key) is a small tool to aid in the creation of .cre files for Infinity Engine games. Currently only Baldur's Gate (including TotSC) and Baldurs Gate II (SoA or ToB) are supported, although it is possible the tool will be expanded to support the other IE games. DFC Dat File Converter (DFC) is a small tool to convert the .dat files used by DLTCEP/IEEP etc. to plain text file, preserving only the opcode names. The resultant list can then be printed and used as a cheat-sheet, or summary sheet for the effects available in the ga
  2. No fully populated magical problem solving super wiki has sprung into existance, so this thread is heading to the archives.
  3. CHU dictates the layout of screens, backgrounds are mainly MOS files, and interactive controls (e.g. buttons) are mainly BAM files. I'd recommend editing them all; having a new menu and chargen screen really spices things up, IMHO.
  4. I can't give any specific details (no IE games are installed on this laptop, and I'm terribly lazy these days), but all those things are very possible.
  5. I like this idea, and it's why I have resisted putting some information into the IESDP - it doesn't belong there. A linked resource containing such info would be useful, as long as there is clear separation of what goes where.
  6. My only other concerns with a wiki would be: a) The IESDP may lose focus. As it is is is a reference for modders which (hopefully) has some central structure to it. If it were a wiki I feel it would rapidly expand to cover extreme edge cases in depth, becoming less useful to a more general audience. I would argue that e.g. a four paragraph description on the True() trigger is probably more than most people are looking for. b) Inconsistency. The IESDP is currently internally consistent in its IE language (feature block, extended header etc.) and technical language (we always start counting
  7. It has been considered. It's not happend yet due to the following factors: a) No-one has sufficient inclination to find time to do it b) The majority of the IESDP is table based, which is probably the hardest thing to do in a wiki c) There are likely to be issues related to the downloadable copy of the IESDP d) I'm unsure whether the group of people trust-worthy enough to have write access would make it a wortwhile investment of time e) The current forum structure serves a role as a storing house while information is verified Other than that, it's a good idea.
  8. Just a quick note to apoligise for my lack of being around the past few weeks. I'm afraid it will continue for a few more weeks. However, keep posting, I'll upadste the IESDP when I get more time.
  9. I've updated the original post, and added this one 229? 230? 245: CheckForBerserk 271: SummonDisable
  10. Hurrah! Hurrah. So, is it done yet? Does this forum replace the source-forge one, or suppliment it?
  11. Who knows? I'm pretty religious about marking off bugs I've fixed though.
  12. I didnt report it, I fixed it I would fix more things, but as you say, a lot will be affected by this uber-dialog/script fix, so it seems a bit pointless until the threads are updated and the fixes are tested.
  13. Can we stop holding off dialog/script bugs, now that weidu v168 is out?
  14. igi


    It's January - hurrah! Are the plans for PoW still being developed?
  15. http://www.mcwrench.com/forums/index.php?showforum=6
  16. Research topics: If you have some free time, and want to be world famous forever (well, you'll have your name in the IESDP credits list), have a look at this post, which contains a partial list of unknowns, and maybe investigate something... ToB opcodes 0x005: param1 (0,*), param2 (0-5,1000-1005), dices, timing (1), 0xCC (!0) 0x012: param1, param2 (0-5), dices, timing (1,*), 0xCC (!0) 0x027: timing (1,*), 0xCC (!0), duration // 0xCC checked if timing != 1 0x035: param1, param2 (2), timing (1,*), 0xCC (!0), param3 (if 0xCC == 0, else overriden) 0x043: param2 (0,1,3,4,5,*), resou
  17. The Infinity Engine Structures Description Project (IESDP) is an effort to document the Infinity Engine. The IESDP contains information on file formats, opcodes, scripting and more. It is the central point for technical information relevant to modding the Infinity Engine. The IESDP is currently maintained by igi, though there have been several custodians in the past, and even more contributors. The IESDP is hosted by The Gibberlings Three, and can be found at: https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/ There is also an IESDP update forum, where you can post contribution
  18. The IESDP did used to contain the prefix list, iirc. But it became out of date, with the up-to-date copy on the TBG forums, so I just put a link to there instead.
  19. igi

    The IESDP

    Lo folks, IESDP stands for Infinity Engine Structure Description Project. It's a site dedicated to explaining the Infinity Engine from a modders/developers point of view. The IESDP has been around in various incarnations for several years, and has lots of information on almost everything, from scripting triggers/actions to file formats, to area filename lists, and more besides. Go and look at it (http://iesdp.teambg.net/). If you have any comments, spot any errors, want to contribute, or complain, pop over to the IESDP update forum: http://www.teambg.net/forum/?board=28 /igi (c
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