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  1. I'm no expert or authority, but from what I have read it would seem the devil is in the details. I don't think there are any overarching mod categories (other than maybe UI mods) that have been broken across the board, but a variety of mods require updates to account for semi-subtle changes. The community will bring forth issues on a per-mod/per-component/per-issue basis, as has always been done.
  2. Your other option with PS BAM if you need to edit the offsets on a frame-by-frame basis is to save the BAM to a BAMD file, edit the frame offsets in the BAMD file with a text editor, and recompile the BAMD file back into a BAM. This may or may not be easier than using BAMWorkshop, NI, or the like to set the frame offsets manually.
  3. Well, in the BAM you provided, Sequence 1 thru Sequence 3 seem to be centered about different points than are Sequence 0 and Sequence 4. That aside, you can adjust the offsets with PS BAM by creating a windows batch file (a plain text file with the .BAT file extension) in the folder where your BAMs are located and using code like this: SET prefix=* "D:\Program Files\GitHub Projects\PS-BAM\PS BAM_x64.exe" ^ --DebugLevelL 1 ^ --DebugLevelP 2 ^ --DebugLevelS 1 ^ --Save "BAM" ^ --ExportPalette "" ^ --ExportFrames "" ^ --ExportFramesAsSequences 0 ^ --OrderOfOperations "PCE" ^ --SingleGIF 0 ^
  4. PNGs are fine as long as you have already made the background color pure green and the shadow color (if applicable) pure black. Edit: Or not and I can show you how I would correct those colors using ImageMagick.
  5. Be aware that both Palette-based and PVRZ-based tilesets are essentially lossy formats. Every time you transcode between them, you lose information. This loss may not be easily distinguishable to the human eye at normal zoom levels, but it's something to keep in mind.
  6. Theoretically, PS_Tileset is designed to do exactly this, but in practice most Palette-based tilesets are larger than WeiDU's max filesize limit so it is probably of limited use. You're probably better off using NearInfinity to export the tileset as a PNG, perform your edits, then use NI to convert it back to a tileset.
  7. After some thought I've realized the function was doing what it claimed to but that it was unlikely to be returning the results you might expect. Specifically, ChildDirRegEx was being passed to the inner function call meaning only files matching FileRegEx contained within a directory matching ChildDirRegEx AT EACH DIRECTORY LEVEL were being returned. Thus if you had \MOD_FOLDER \blah file1.txt file2.txt \blah file3.txt file4.txt \somedir file5.txt file6.txt file5.txt and file6.txt wouldn't be returned because they weren't in a folder match
  8. Alright, this one works for me. Note I changed the function name as the functionality was expanded: Does this work for you?
  9. As to what PS BAM can do, yes and no. You can SET all frame offsets to a specific value using "--SetXOffset" and "--SetYOffset y". You can also modify frame offsets by a +/- amount using "--ModXOffset" and "--ModYOffset". There is currently no mechanism for scaling X and Y offsets (by a percentage or factor), but I could add this without much effort if there was a need [I would add "--ScaleXOffset" and "--ScaleYOffset" that would let you specify a factor like 0.6667 or 1.5.]. However, there are other mechanisms for calculating the appropriate frame offsets for specific types of BAMs. You
  10. When I don't leave it blank, I have only given ChildDirRegex a raw name of a specific folder, like ChildDirRegex = ~test~ Later I'll try and see why WeiDU isn't happy with actual RegEx.
  11. @Luke If you just want a textual list, you could do: If instead you want the function to return an array of files, see RET_ARRAY in the WeiDU docs.
  12. You'll need to send me the files (either upload them to a post or send me a PM), let me know what type of BAM it should be (e.g. spell animation), and then tell me how you want the frames centered.
  13. Recursion. You could adapt my ps_recursive_search function (modified by Gwendolyne) to return arrays of files instead of the count of files. Ninjas... argent77's answer was better.
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