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  1. Sam.

    Multiple BAMs in a single PVRZ

    PVRZ files are compressed graphics textures. For BAM V2 files, the BAM frames are subtextures that have been bin-packed into a single large texture that is a PVRZ file. The PVRZ files are accompanied by the actual BAM/TIS/MOS files that contain pointers into the PVRZ files of where to load the subtextures from the larger graphic. If you rename a PVRZ file to use an unused name, the pointers within the corresponding BAM (etc.) files also need to be updated.
  2. Sam.

    PVRZ info

    Quoting the IESDP concerning PVRZ files: First, I think this wording is somewhat confusing. When I first read this sentence, I interpreted it as "each PVRZ page is limited to a total of 1024 pixels". Maybe the following would be a bit more clear? Second, looking at the PVR(Z) and IE file formats, I see no reason why textures are limited to 1024x1024 px. The PVR format doesn't even have a field specifying the filesize, which leads me to believe the theoretical maximum texture dimensions should be the largest DWORDxDWORD (width and height of over 4 billion pixels each). Is it the engine that limits the dimension, or is there something else I'm missing?
  3. There is some discussion here that is likely related.
  4. Sam.

    Multiple BAMs in a single PVRZ

    By the file format specs this is certainly possible, and as you point out Beamdog did this with vanilla EE resources. However, AFAIK there is no automated way for modders to achieve the same result. I can think of a couple hack style workarounds to do it, but they wouldn't be elegant or efficient...
  5. Sam.


  6. You'll likely get more of a response if you post a concise list of questions publicly. That way people who may be interested in giving their responses know what may be expected of them.
  7. Sam.

    Site and Forum Feedback

    So who are the Three Gibberlings (in Gibberlings3), and why are there now many more than three?
  8. Sam.

    Choosing a License for Your Mods

    One of my personal favorites:
  9. Sam.

    New engine

    This wysiwyg-only interface it really, really difficult to work with. I can't figure out how to un-mangle this post. Given the choice of a pure BBCode interface and a wysiwyg-only interface, I'd happily take the former, even without helper buttons of any sort.
  10. Sam.

    Addressing the Recent Downtime

    I'm not sure what's wrong with your phone, but if it can't access any SSL websites, that's a huge problem. We will definitely be trying to set up SSL on here. It's crazy to have a site with user accounts and passwords and no SSL. I am indeed blocked from accessing G3 on my phone. I do not have an issue with all sites that use HTTPS/SSL, only some. When I try to navigate to https://www.gibberlings3.net/ I get the the following error message: On my computer I manually downloaded G3's security certificate and emailed it o my cell phone (for reference, it is a Blackberry Bold 9930 running Blackberry OS 7.1 Bundle 2879). I then installed it on my phone and explicitly trusted it. I get the same message as before and am unable to access G3. When looking at the installed security certificate, I see the following along with the other standard information: Edit: This wysiwyg-only interface it really terrible. I can't figure out how to un-mangle this post...
  11. Sam.

    Addressing the Recent Downtime

    My ancient phone is my primary means of accessing the forums (both SHS and G3). Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with some modern security certificates involved in the process of serving websites and forums as HTTPS. As a result, I have completely lost access to the Beamdog forums with my phone, which has severely impacted my presence there. I'm not sure what will be involved in these forum software upgrades, but I will be VERY, VERY sad if I lose access to G3 and SHS.
  12. Sam.

    how to edit MOS v2?

    With NI you can export it as a PNG, make your edits, then convert it back to MOS V2
  13. Sam.

    how to edit MOS v2?

    In this case, you might be better off using NearInfinity.
  14. Maybe bold the keys to help distinguish them from their values?