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  1. Is there an analog to OUTER_SET tmp = (~%prefix%~ STRING_EQUAL_CASE ~MOS~ = 1) ? 0 : 1 that uses the ternary operator but with strings instead of numbers? Something like: OUTER_TEXT_SPRINT tmp EVAL ((~%prefix%~ STRING_EQUAL_CASE ~MOS~ = 1) ? ~zero~ : ~one~) (except that doesn't work).
  2. Sam.

    Tools Index

    Here is a v0.85. There is also an Infinity Xplorer.
  3. They stole the idea and resources from this mod, the true and original one which has been in development for over a decade. The depravity of Roxanne and Within Amnesia knows no bounds...
  4. There was some discussion on that here.
  5. The Infinity Engine Acronym List, for those not covered by the forum software.
  6. If it is SoD run modmerge (or similar) tool FIRST. Try CLUAing in the items to a new game, not a saved game where you already had the items.
  7. Surely someone knows? @K4thos, @argent77 ? This topic is the source for my terminology of "stencil" vs "dithered" water. Is there a difference in the TIS/WED files, or is the difference just how the engine renders the water animation?
  8. What is the difference between stencil and dithered water in tilesets, and exactly what does the Degreenifier (tis2bg2.exe) tool do from a graphical/mathematics perspective? What else does one need to know on this topic? Of additional interest, who wrote tis2bg2? I see a "(c)KD" in the CMD output. Is that KingDiamond?
  9. I certainly agree -1 is the best value for no-value strrefs. A cursory test of ToSC shows no visible difference between 0x0000 and 0x2020 (and if any engine would care, I figure it would be the oldest), so I think the current behavior is fine. No reason to change what isn't broken. Thank you for the explanation.
  10. You are both right (of course). I am using target as a literal and as a variable within the same function call: STR_VAR str2 = "target" str4 = EVAL "%target%" I seem to get my desired result, so I guess I'll live with the warnings for now because changing the variable names would complicate the code, but we'll see. On an unrelated note, why does CREATE ~ITM~ leave the Item Animation field at 0x0000 instead of initializing it to the standard "none" value of 0x2020 (" ")?
  11. I am passing STR_VAR str2 = "target" to a function with the intent of setting the variable "str2" to the literal string "target". WeiDU is throwing me the following warning: WARNING: possible missing EVALUATE_BUFFER in [STR_VAR "str2" = "target" for LAUNCH_PATCH_FUNCTION "ps_append_str_inline_unless_default"] How can I convince WeiDU that I am doing what I intended without suppressing all warnings of this type? All I can think of is SPRINT target ~target~ STR_INT str2 = EVAL "%target%" But this seems like terrible programming...
  12. And make sure the language you installed the mod into is the same language you're still playing the game in.
  13. The villagers will come with torches and pitchforks, and you will be burned at the stake.
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