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  1. Sam.

    fj_add_are_structure --> Calculating Vertex?

    Mathematically at least 3 (or you don't form a 2D polygon/shape).
  2. Sam.

    How to empty my attachments ?

    IMO, deleting attachments from old posts is on par with deleting old posts, or even deleting a user account: content is lost and conversations and discussion become much harder to follow. Doing that type of thing is really a shame, and I suspect others agree: I would MUCH rather see the cumulative attachment limit dropped... Admins?
  3. Sam.

    How do I update old mods?

    See the readme. That's what he's suggesting. If you traify the mod, it allows it to be easily translated into multiple languages. Best practice is to not update mods during a playthrough. Either continue with the version you already have installed, or if you update it, start a new game.
  4. Sam.

    How do I update old mods?

    Is it a WeiDU mod? If yes and if it is in English, all you probably have to do is update the mod's EXE to the latest version of WeiDU and to use ADD_KIT_EE.
  5. Sam.

    Multiple BAMs in a single PVRZ

    PVRZ files are compressed graphics textures. For BAM V2 files, the BAM frames are subtextures that have been bin-packed into a single large texture that is a PVRZ file. The PVRZ files are accompanied by the actual BAM/TIS/MOS files that contain pointers into the PVRZ files of where to load the subtextures from the larger graphic. If you rename a PVRZ file to use an unused name, the pointers within the corresponding BAM (etc.) files also need to be updated.
  6. Sam.

    PVRZ info

    Quoting the IESDP concerning PVRZ files: First, I think this wording is somewhat confusing. When I first read this sentence, I interpreted it as "each PVRZ page is limited to a total of 1024 pixels". Maybe the following would be a bit more clear? Second, looking at the PVR(Z) and IE file formats, I see no reason why textures are limited to 1024x1024 px. The PVR format doesn't even have a field specifying the filesize, which leads me to believe the theoretical maximum texture dimensions should be the largest DWORDxDWORD (width and height of over 4 billion pixels each). Is it the engine that limits the dimension, or is there something else I'm missing?
  7. There is some discussion here that is likely related.
  8. Sam.

    Multiple BAMs in a single PVRZ

    By the file format specs this is certainly possible, and as you point out Beamdog did this with vanilla EE resources. However, AFAIK there is no automated way for modders to achieve the same result. I can think of a couple hack style workarounds to do it, but they wouldn't be elegant or efficient...
  9. Sam.


  10. You'll likely get more of a response if you post a concise list of questions publicly. That way people who may be interested in giving their responses know what may be expected of them.