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  1. Since 2016? I don't remember exactly when the change occurred, but I think Description Icons for items went back to being BAMs (for a while they were 32-bit BMPs). Also, areas no longer need MOS files. That one might have been when the version jumped to 2.
  2. My personal impression of the upcoming patch is that: a) 2.6 is likely to be the last significant patch for the IE games from Beamdog. If there's anything you want to be included, this is your last chance to push/beg for it. b) The very first step of the patch is converting the entire codebase to 64-bit. As MacOS games don't even boot, we're clearly in the early stages of its development. I wouldn't expect an official release anytime soon. Also, just because a particular feature request or bug-fix is not included in the current beta version of the patch doesn't necessarily mean it won't be included at a later date. c) While there will be significant modifications to the underlying codebase and probably a long list of bug-fixes, I doubt there will be very much top-level content that will break mods.
  3. Have you read the 2DA file format spec? My impression (although I haven't done much in terms of working with 2DAs) is that if the first two rows are missing, the top row is treated as the headings row. I think the headings row is there for human convenience and not needed by the engine. You could try replacing it with randomly spaced junk and see if the engine chokes, but I don't think it will.
  4. Classic Adventures (ToB engine) has a couple instances where a creature (non PC/NPC) is wielding a throwing weapon in their off hand. The original coder, Sir BillyBob, assured me they were doing so intentionally and that the thrown weapon dealt damage appropriately. IIRC at least one had a melee weapon in their main hand. I have not gone out of my way to independently verify the claim that it was working as intended, but I believe him. I am also not claiming that the mechanics will work the same way for a PC/NPC as different animation types are handled differently by the engine (what works as intended for one may have no visual representation in a second and crash the game on a third).
  5. Assuming you have already set the item to use the "GS" animation at offset 0x0022? WPLGSINV.BAM, WPMGSINV.BAM, WPNGSINV.BAM, WPSGSINV.BAM are the inventory paperdolls in question, and they exist in my EET game. IIRC they came from 1pp, so you either need to install that mod or use the EEs.
  6. It sounds like the game might have had so many containers (added by mods presumably) that this component ran out of unique BAMs to give them. You could just make a copy of t-bhld46.bam and rename it to t-bhld47.bam and try that. Maybe a couple of times ( for numbers 48-50) just in case.
  7. Sounds remarkably more entertaining than the nefarious Game-Be-Gone mod.
  8. You people (have I been part of this modding community long enough to call you "my people"?) are awesome. This. I vote for this. If I had money, I would pay for a random chance for every WeiDU mod to install this on the DL.
  9. Well hell. I guess the world really is ending....
  10. My suggestion would be to export the tilesets with NearInfinity instead.
  11. There are ten pages here: Easter Eggs In Baldurs Gate ** Spoiler** and also Rarest hidden content in any Baldur's Gate game
  12. My solution is to add *.bcs text eol=lf *.bs text eol=lf to the .gitattributes file.
  13. If anyone knows, it'll be @kjeron ...
  14. I'm not seeing it mentioned in ToBEx, but I just did a quick search.
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