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  1. To me, "balancing" an established mod is just a different way of saying it is being nerfed. While I wouldn't have worded things exactly as Guest -me-, I also don't approve of nerfing established mods (especially when it is being done by people other than the original author). Quoth https://github.com/SpellholdStudios/DSotSC: ... Point taken, but apparently it has been nerfed... I miss the content of the really old versions of DSotSC... Not so much the many, many bugs, but definitely the content. Back when Drizzt's companions were with him, several of the dungeons had many dozens of levels, Catti-brie's bow Taulmaril was a weapon of utter devastation, Ettin's Wand could be used to kill even unkillable NPCs... Those were the days... *sigh*.
  2. Have you tried upscaling the original MVE movies to the EE resolution? I did my best with BG: EE Classic Movies, but your NN algorithms might produce even better results. I can provide an original movie as an uncompressed AVI if you want to try. They suffer heavily from compression artifacts.
  3. I've never used it, but there is an old 2DA Editor V1.1 (Download Link).
  4. WRITE_SHORT 0x0048 BIT7 or perhaps WRITE_SHORT 0x0048 ((SHORT_AT 0x0048) BOR BIT7) ?
  5. Replace the EXE with a modern version of WeiDU named as the original.
  6. Is there an analog to OUTER_SET tmp = (~%prefix%~ STRING_EQUAL_CASE ~MOS~ = 1) ? 0 : 1 that uses the ternary operator but with strings instead of numbers? Something like: OUTER_TEXT_SPRINT tmp EVAL ((~%prefix%~ STRING_EQUAL_CASE ~MOS~ = 1) ? ~zero~ : ~one~) (except that doesn't work).
  7. Sam.

    Tools Index

    Here is a v0.85. There is also an Infinity Xplorer.
  8. They stole the idea and resources from this mod, the true and original one which has been in development for over a decade. The depravity of Roxanne and Within Amnesia knows no bounds...
  9. There was some discussion on that here.
  10. The Infinity Engine Acronym List, for those not covered by the forum software.
  11. If it is SoD run modmerge (or similar) tool FIRST. Try CLUAing in the items to a new game, not a saved game where you already had the items.
  12. Surely someone knows? @K4thos, @argent77 ? This topic is the source for my terminology of "stencil" vs "dithered" water. Is there a difference in the TIS/WED files, or is the difference just how the engine renders the water animation?
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