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  1. Your are trying to Convert Image to PVRZ. That is NOT what you want. You want Convert Image to Tileset, and then select the PVRZ-based Tileset tab. (My wording might be slightly off as I don't have access to NearInfinity ATM.)
  2. If you're 1) adding the area to an EE game, 2) using an old style palette-based TIS, and 3) seeing lines between all/most tiles, the solution is to convert your area graphic to the PVRZ-based tileset format. The way to do this while maintaining the highest quality is to start with your original area artwork in the PNG format, and use Near Infinity to Convert Image to Tileset (under Tools). Be sure to select the PVRZ-based tileset. This should get rid of the lines between ordinary tiles. If your area has a lot of overlays (such as water overlays or door tiles), you may still see lines aroun
  3. BG:EE Classic Movies component "Restore BG1 Chapter and Dream Screens" should now fully support the LeUI-BG1EE, LeUI-SoD, and LeUI themes on BGEE, SoD, and EET. More details here. If I get a few people who test the latest commit and report in that mod's thread that I haven't broken anything, I'll make a release.
  4. The latest version at time of posting is ImageMagick-7.0.10-29. Always get it from the official website. Those are the correct files. Make sure to maintain the folder structure. Correct, unless you are running on 32-bit architecture in which case use "PS BAM.exe" instead of "PS BAM_64.exe".
  5. Yes You are using an older version. Instead of "magick.exe convert" use "convert.exe". Adding the full path to the BAT file never hurts. It comes in the same download as PS BAM.exe (and the 64-bit equivalent). Just extract the entire archive to the folder where you want it.
  6. Make sure the file name is really "code.bat" and not "code.bat.txt". To make sure, you will need to enable showing file extensions in the explorer window. Also, add a new line at the end of the file that says "Pause". This will give you a chance to see what is going on. Also, the location of "magick.exe" must either be in your system path, or you must explicitly give the full path in the BAT file. Nothing. It is an output, not an input. Please post this file for me to review, as it may help me understand what is going on. Yes. The ".\PS BAM (f
  7. IIRC isn't the total number of icons (technically the total number of sequences/cycles) limited to 255 in the classic games? It would appear this number has already been reached in STATES.bam, although many of them are essentially blank (a small number of white pixels).
  8. Unify the frames using either PS BAM or bamresize. This will pad all the frames to be the same size and at the same offset. Edit: Also FWIW, the 255x255 (and I am fairly confident it is 255 not 256) frame size limit does not apply to the EEs. Edit 2: How to use the tools cd /d "D:\Program Files\Infinity Engine Modding Tools\bamres Analysis\bamresize Extract\bamresize" python.exe bamresize.py -p 100 -u 1 -t 0 -e png "C:\Users\Sam\Desktop\Comet\SPCOMTRV.bam" "D:\Program Files\GitHub Projects\PS-BAM\PS BAM_x64.exe" --ExportFrames "PNG" --ExportFramesAsSequences 1 --OrderOfOpera
  9. The code you quoted is creating the three BAMs I posted before. The lines that start with "REM" are comments and describe the BAM to be created by the following lines. The 2nd and 3rd one add shadows. The top one does not. "original.png" is the original PNG here in all three cases. Anything else is just an in-between file until the BAMs are created. It logs the console output to a file. You can pick any path and filename you want, or pass a blank string via double quotes ("") to disable it. Or just leave those parameters out to disable it. Yes
  10. IWDEE has an Arctic Boar animation but I don't see any Wild Boars. The only animation using the Arctic Boar animation is [bdsha06c.CRE Boar Spirit Animation=BOAR_ARCTIC - 57957]. Want that one? Edit: SoD has a BDBOAR02.CRE - Wild Boar that is using the wild boar animation.
  11. That was your BAM, I just showed how to set the trans color and locate it properly in the palette using DLTCEP. As to the green halo: again, this is caused by semi-transparent anti-aliasing with the background color. Ideally, you should handle/account for this BEFORE importing it into DLTCEP. There are a variety methods that can be used to accomplish this which could be discussed at length, but the actual implementation will remain dependent on which program(s) you use. I can't figure out how to do what you want in DLTCEP, so if you insist on trying to fix the green halo with that tool, y
  12. I'm pretty sure you forgot to mention the Turbo Encabulator:
  13. So here's my swipe at it. Create a BAT file with the following contents and run it. You will need ImageMagick and PS BAM, and you will either need them added to your PATH or modify the script to point to the EXEs directly. Adjust the paths as appropriate. REM EE-only single frame item icon with transparency, no shadow magick.exe convert original.png -background lime -alpha Background -fill lime -fuzz 25%% -opaque none -trim -sample 64x64^> CloakA.png "D:\Program Files\GitHub Projects\PS-BAM\PS BAM_x64.exe" --AdvancedFLTCompression 1 --AdvancedZlibCompress 2 --AllowShortPalette 1 --Al
  14. Your original image used semi-transparent anti-aliasing. These semi-transparent pixels got blended with the background color (either black or green) which produce the "halo" effect around your image as well as the individual dark pixels floating around your image when you essentially converted it to 24-bit with either mspaint or one of the BAM editors. You can manually edit out these pixels using a graphics editor as temnix suggests, but I believe there are more sophisticated options. Give me a bit to experiment and I'll see what can be done.
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