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  1. Perhaps I'll check out the Divine games out to see how Larian is. Since my $ is limited I generally just stick with X game companies or X game series and haven't really branched out. I see one of my favorite VOs Alix Wilton Regan did voice work in both games. Do any of the original developers of the BG games work for Larian?
  2. The important question is, are there any Skooters and bananas?
  3. CoM_Solaufein

    Team BG

    Sorry. In my absence I let the domain expire and luckily I arrived in time to renew it before it got lost. Its back up now.
  4. Bioware never cared about us modding the BG games so long as we didn't charge. Even David Gaider used some of our old modding tools to make some of his unofficial mods.
  5. Can't go wrong with a Radeon R9 390
  6. Couple months behind. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Now that I can finally log in to my own forums. Everything appears to be working with the downloads since the upgrade to the forums. Enjoy.
  8. As I'm spending the weekend updating the forums use the links below to download our mods. I would imagine there will be some missing there, since those are for large mods that I couldn't upload to the forum. I'm uploading the smaller mods there right now. Let me know if one is missing. http://downloads.chosenofmystra.net/bg2 http://downloads.chosenofmystra.net/bg1
  9. In regards to this code, my NPC starts to stutter as if its trying to start a dialog with my character but the dialog window doesn't show up. I have to click on the game's dialog on the menu and point it at my NPC in order to start the dialog that my NPC is stuttering about.
  10. Have there been any changes to how often interparty NPC banters with each other? My modded NPC just fired off all of her banters with other fellow NPCs at once. In the original game they fired off every once in a while.
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