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SHS: Aurora's Shoes and Boots v4 Released


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Spellhold Studios


Aurora's Shoes and Boots has been updated to version 4, with a number of changes, additions and fixes! The full list of changes:


  • Aurora has more dialogue! She's a bit "smarter" when it comes to thievery, though it would be spoiling to tell more...
  • Added French translation (from Aldiemus of the d'Oghmatiques)
  • Added crossmod banters with Kelsey, Solaufein, Hubelpot and Fade
  • Encoded sounds as WAVC instead of OGG format to save install time and space
  • Added goblin/gnome encounter for Classic Adventures
  • Added unique sounds for goblins, svirfneblin, cambions and alu-fiends from Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights
  • Changed goblin and gnome animations to use dedicated slots instead of stacking (using the Infinity Animations scheme for ToB executables)
  • Changed daemonfey boots to summon either a cambion fighter/mage or alu-fiend fighter/cleric
  • Added Icewind Dale animations and sounds for earth elemental, worgs, helmed and battle horrors
  • Fixed Helmed Horror component crash issue
  • Revised area patching macros to avoid issues in Larswood
  • Optimized patching by avoiding time-consuming regexp
  • Added option to abridge Spellhold cutscene in "Shorten BG2 intros" component
  • Amended documentation regarding compatibility, antivirus issues and SoA-only installs
  • Fixed glitches in item upgrade dialogues
  • Slightly nerfed item availability in Tutu by request
  • Karaea now moves from Nashkel to Baldur's Gate when relevant
  • Enhanced creature slot fixing in "Realistic random treasures" component
  • Fixed minor glitch with goblin animations if Drizzt Saga is installed
  • Fixed potential svirfneblin glitch if another mod gives them shields
  • Improved Battle Horror compatibility if SCS is installed
  • Moved batch and log files to "batchlog" subfolder


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