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Version 6 bug reports

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Hi, I haven't played the newest version, but it seems ReadMe doesn't mension any bugs corrections, so what I noticed may prove not outdated :thumbsup:.


The problem referes to quest "Fallen Paladin in Baldur's Gate" - after talking to Dauron, I went to the proper house, where was Luisa's mother and her husband, and when i talked to husband, who, in fact, doesn't play any important role, instead of saying nothing, he said sth like "TuTu not Detected". When I played second time the situation repeated.


My platform is vanilla BG1.

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Well, obviously Tutu cannot be detected if you are playing vanilla BG1! :grin:


That's a very good catch. I put a wrong path name for the translation of the father's dialogue, so it used the lines from the setup-file instead.


Thank you very much for reporting, and especially for registering to do so (I assume)!


Since it is nothing game breaking (although atmosphere killing..) I will wait with updating the mod, though, just for a tiny bit.


EDIT: This is fixed for the version 8.

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