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Quick and Innocent Question


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First of all, I'm new, I'd like to say I *love* RE and their dialogs! :hm:


But I've ran into small problem... Edwin doesn't like my PC, okay, I've read the readme there is said that it will progress only with Human, half-elves, elves and halflings. Well, I have a female elven protagonist and nothing happens apart from the first dialog. I accept the date talk and then nothing. It doesn't matter how much I rest or anything, he doesn't like my PC. Pity. At the same time Yoshi tries constantly to slip into her room. :)


I tried CLUAing the dialog, no good. I checked the .d file, but there no info, apart from dialog numbers and variables. Tried to set globals to 4,5,6. At 4 nothing happened, at 5 - a small dielog with one voiced line, at 6 - again nothing.


Any help? :thumbsup:

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The problem might indeed be in Edwin Romance: if you have it installed, it may overwrite Edwin's "dream script", so Edwin's talk at rest wouldn't work.


Other than that, Edwin must be in his male form and you must be resting at an inn.


Also, two RE encounters can't happen at once, obviously, so it must be some time(more than five minutes) since the last Irenicus's dream or RE encounter.

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Ok, that's what I have. yep, I have ER installed *after* RE, maybe it the Yoshi fling, which appears in the same moment. I tried reforming party, and when resting, but none. Problem is, I want to play both RE and ER, and I don't wanna to uninstall all that [plus I have bunch of other mods, which are uninstalling *very* slowly - take Aurora mod for instance]. And I just want to ask, is it possible to play both? Certanly, I could uninstall ER, start a new game, pick Edwin, and *before* killing Mae'Var, force to trigger that dialogue by setting global to 2. But, Shadow Thieves give you a single day to kill Mae'Var, and I don't see any other path to take. And those irritating dreams with Irenicus! They spoil everything. :thumbsup:


EDIT: Forgot to mention: with thhe ER mod, Edwin had only first LT after eviscerating Mae'Var and only. Then we went to see the JZ show. :hm:

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The problem is installing Edwin Romance after RE, yes. Edwin Romance is an old mod which overwrites EdwinD script(bad idea, don't do it at home).


I'd recommend quitting the game, uninstalling RE, then quitting the installer, then installing RE again.


But multiple mod reinstalls can lead to trouble, so read this thread about keeping a clean backup and quick mod re-installation, if something goes wrong: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,17555

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