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Guest Akaiku
I'm not sure I follow you.


Are you saying that


3530_cut_romance.dlg has two branches that pertain to Neehska

One of those branches implies that Elanee is there

The other branch implies that Elanee is not there

Both branches use an un-negated check that Elanee is in the party


Yes. There are 2 romance branches. One says Elanee is there as a note or something (I don't exactly know nwn2 modding, just scripting of things in general) the other says she's not. Both check a global varible 30_bElaneeLeft but both check if it's equal to 1. It also checks that the player is male and that I believe Neeshka's influence is higher then Elanee's. As such, both branches for that neeshka dialog have the same preconditions.

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