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Bard kit with no pickpocketing


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Hi folks.

I'd like to make a new bard kit - easy enough. However, I'd like to remove pickpocketing entirely. Can someone point me towards code to disable the thieving button or, better yet, replace it with a quick spell/weapon slot?


Also, anyone know how I can disable pickpocket gain at level up? The best option would be to remove it entirely from the character record screen. How does the game code to halve the pickpocket gain by the blade kit? I thought it would be an AP_XXX.SPL in the CLAB, but didn't see one.


Finally, changing bard song effects are just fun to play around with!



EDIT: just messing around with NI I figured out how to disable a given button, but not to replace it with a different button. I'm guessing this is a hardcoded limitation?


EDIT: Regarding the Blade pickpocket penalty, I was looking at a BGTutu installation CLAB file. When I looked at my BG2 w/ fixpack, I saw the penalty had been implemented via an AP_XXX.SPL in the CLAB. Oops.

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