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A very enjoyable story. Great weaving of subtle affection, drama and humour. I felt myself picturing the characters and their actions as I was reading and becoming quickly engaged with them.

I particularly liked this line,

"Anora started to say something, stopped, took a deep breath, and placed her hand on a nearby table." It drew me immediately into seeing and caring about Anora.

I would love to read more about this couple and I would also be quite intrigued by an interaction between Anora and her father.

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Thanks KIrving. I admit, I did like Anora myself a lot in the game. Although, looking back on it, some of the actions certainly could be shorted, or cut out of the story to make it tighter.


Of course, as those who played the game know, Anora's behavior (whether she betrays the Gray Warden or not) hinges on one question. It would have been nice to have a bit more interaction than that.

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