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How to remove a dead party member from the party


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Is there a way to remove a dead party member from the party?


ActionOverride("DV"LeaveParty()) wouldn't work, or at least I think it wouldn't work, because dead NPCs don't run script.


I understand that if the NPC is chunked, raising or resurrection isn't possible, so no issues, there.


This is the situation. Gavin's a cleric of Lathander, and it's kind of unusual for clerics of that faith to be raised, so Gavin is going to ask the PC not to raise him if he dies. Now the PC can ignore this request and raise him anyway, if she's a cleric herself (feminine pronoun used to distinguish the PC from Gavin) or if she's got a scroll or item that will do it, or she can go to a temple to have it done. If she goes to the temple of Lathander, there are some other options. I'd like to include the option to have him really be dead and unraisable... and out of the party. For this to occur, he'd have to be dead and in the party first, then he'd have to be removed from the party while still dead.


Is there a way to do this easily, or am I going to have to cue a cutscene that does a fade-to-black, raise him, have him leave the party, and then kill him?

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Howzbout "ActionOverride("",LeaveParty()) ActionOverride("",DestroySelf())"? You might get a blip of him, but at least he won't lie there for extended periods.


Deaders do still run scripts (although there's not a whole lot they can actually do), but regardless, they can always be told what to do (as you found).

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