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G3: BG2 Fixpack Reaches Version 9

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The Gibberlings Three


The BG2 Fixpack is a WeiDU compilation of fixes for Baldur's Gate II. With the disappearance of Kevin Dorner and the cessation of activity of the Baldurdash fixpack for Baldur's Gate II, several modders from many modding communities began working on a new WeiDU fixpack to address the numerous bugs that have been identified since Baldurdash. This collaborative effort, including the work of modders from several different modding communities, has resulted in a fixpack that currently includes all of the fixes addressed by Baldurdash (including the Game Text Update) and several hundred new bugfixes.


Version 9 includes Russian and Japanese translations, updates to the German and Italian translations, a number of revisions to BETA fixes and core components, and a new subcomponent of the Game Text Update by Wisp. The GTU can now be installed in two ways. The first (and recommended) option will install "GTU Light" (by Wisp), a fairly minimalistic dialogue update which contains only the most relevant typographical corrections. The second option will install "GTU Classic" (from Baldurdash, by Kevin Dorner), an in-depth dialogue revision, parts of which may be considered arbitrary by purists. The Fixpack is available for Windows, OSX, and Linux, in English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish.


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