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She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me. She-


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I'll admit to feeling a little embarrassed for making another one of those "oh my god, did I do something wrong" threads you must be sick of seeing by now. But since I'm here, starting one anyway, I might as well begin with a little bit of general feedback.


This is my first time playing with the mod, and I'll have to say that I'm very impressed.


She seems to be an interesting and well-rounded character thus far, and I always enjoy reading her little interjections here and there. I tend to favor female PC's, and having a romantic subplot along the way makes things a bit more interesting for me. That was one change from Baldur's Gate I remember really looking forward to, but when I finally starting playing SoA/ToB, I discovered that all of the romantic options were, well... dysfunctional. Even with the gender requirements removed, you basically had to choose between constant whining, constant griping, constant power-playing, and the cockiest guy in the world.


Sarah, with her genuineness, is certainly a breath of fresh air. The dialogues I've seen so far are sweet and well thought out. The voice is good and the music is excellent. I can't even imagine the amount of work this must have taken. I also happen to have Auren in the party, and I think you did an excellent job on both of these characters. So, thank you. :)




I'm in the Underdark right now, and Sarah's been silent since even before Spellhold - and Spellhold took me hours.


I tried talking to her, and her reaction to it was different than before. And instead of getting a long list of options like I did before, now there are only two. I can either ask if she's okay, or I can dismiss it. There aren't any friendly interactions, or romantic interactions.


So I figured I must have said something entirely inappropriate, and opened up ShadowKeeper to check the related variables. This is what I get:













Needless to say, I'm confused.


Should I go back to an earlier save-point, do you think?

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Honestly, without really seeing what you've said to her or done, it's hard to tell. It will honestly take me longer than what is probably good for you to track down why it's having problems, so you're probably better off going to an earlier save. Unless someone else wants to do the research.


Thank you for the compliments though! :)

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Guest Jiblah

Just wanted to pipe in by saying that I have the exact same problem. I did her quest, then slept with her, got a few lovetalks and then she grew silent, even with AdvanceRealTime. I figured it was the end of the pre-Spellhold talks, so I entered the asylum. Sarah didn't have much to say there either, only opening her mouth when I turned into the slayer. At this point I could still do all the flirt options. I escaped, went through the Sahuagin city and hopped down into the Underdark.


Now all the forced talks start with "Sarah notices you staring at her and sighs," and then it gives me only two options. Guess I'll have to start the whole thing over again. Oh well, I don't mind, since Sarah is so fun to have around!

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