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Translations, anyone?


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I am approaching the release of V2 and will have some .tra files ready in the next couple of days - currently the mod is available in British English.


I have had an offer of a French translation, and would welcome any more. :D Including American English if anybody is so inclined!


Oh, yeh, may as well post a list of changes while I'm at it:


- Updated installer to WeiDU 161.

- Made sure there were proper checks for Mur'Neth actually being present in the banters.

- Filled out the banter set.

- Fixed a BAM assignment problem.

- Removed the save penalty from Ooze Touch as it was a little too powerful for BG1.

- Added AoE compatability for the kit.

- Boosted stats a little - as whenever I actually tried to use him in a game, he got completely slaughtered!


I will probably release v2 soon, and then package translations with v3, since they may take a while to do.

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