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Crash when enterring The King Crypt

Guest Fouinto

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Guest Fouinto



I've encountered a CTD and I didn't find someone having reported it : crash when entering AR0806.are (The King Crypt in the graveyard), even with CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("ar0806")

When trying to CLUA the creatures, the game crash when CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("BHCRYPT") It's the well known "King of the Crypt"


Full version : bug report here in SHS forum.

Short version :

If I load the .cre file in DLTCEP, and then click on "Check the Creature", DLTCEP complain "Embedded effect (Unknown(3747892)) #3" see the screen-shot here.

If I remove this effect "4 Unknown(3747892) SPWI713 (0x323234 0x10003) SPWI506", then, I can CLUA the creature without crash.


According to "weidu.exe --change-log", SCSII changes this .cre file in a way that lead to CTD and according to Lolorian (who knows far better than me such a thing) this could be a conflict between BP and SCSII.

If you need further explanation/experiments on this problem, feel free to ask.

Hope this helps.


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I'm fairly sure it's BP's Improved Crypt King component that introduced this error. The .cre files do not match the change-log exactly - they are off by one due to the way backups are stored (so CRE.004.cre was changed by component #3 etc.).


Edit: to be clearer, SCS2's patching corrupts it worse because BP may already have corrupted it.

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