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Need a Mac OSX test installer


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> I'm looking for someone to test-install the next version of Auren on a Mac OSX to make sure that the audio installation scripts work properly.


Setup-aurenaseph and Setup-aurenasaph.command need to be set executable. Also, aurenaudio.sh and aurenaudiouninstall.sh have DOS line endings; they need Unix line endings.


Here's the fixed aurenaudio.sh:



cd override


shopt -s nocaseglob


chmod +x sox

echo Converting audio


for file in k#aur*.ogg; do ./sox $file ${file%.???}.wav; done

rm -f k#aur*.ogg

rm -f sox

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Thanks for the audio scripts. I'm uploading the fixes as I type. Unfortunately, I still don't have a Mac, so I can't do much about setting the .command file and the setup to executable. I can change the audio installation scripts, however.


The eventual plan is to get a Mac mini just for packaging stuff, but it hasn't happened yet. We'll file that one under "soonish" and hope for the best.

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Don't know if I have the time to set up a Linux system. My own site's forum has been down for weeks because I don't have the time to track down a fix, if one even exists. Besides, I'd need to check the warantees before I started fooling around with the OS. Easier just getting that mini when the time comes, and it's far less likely to be procrastinated upon than installing what I've gathered to be a technically challenging OS.

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