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Does GemRB currently have a VVC Importer? I cannot find it anywhere. If you do, it may help with my structure research. I have reversed most of the VVC code and have findings to report. The only thing left I have to research is all the display and colour flags.

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Thanks. It looks slightly less implemented than the current IESDP descriptions, although the members are still quite wishywashy to date.


I like the uglybugly code for FaceTarget. FaceTarget is actually nOrientations, which specifies the number of orientations the visual effect can have (does not necessarily correlate to the BAM file if MirrorX/Y is set). The engine supports 0, 1, 8, and 16. 0 is treated as 1. The MirrorX and MirrorY flags make nOrientations 5 and 9, which I see has been coded. For example. SPABJURA.VVC displays 16 orientations with MirrorX and MirrorY. The BAM has 5 cycles per specific animation, and has 2 different animations in it. I haven't seen 8 used, but is supported.


Anyway, I'll do a more complete post once I have figured out some more of the Display/Color flags.

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