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Wanted: BGT test installer


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I'm looking for a BGT user to test a BGT-specific hot-fix. The tester needs to have both the BG1 mod and the BG2 mod installed, but there's no need to actually play through the transition between games.


Here's the hotfix, if somebody is willing to do a test-install for me.



Edit removed attachment.

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Needs COPY_EXISTING instead of COPY, and the BUT_ONLY should go before the END.


COPY_EXISTING ~ar0602.bcs~ ~override~
	REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~ActionOverride("B!Gavin",DestroySelf())~ ~ActionOverride("B!Gavin",LeaveParty()) ActionOverride("B!Gavin",DestroySelf())~

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Heh. That will show you that I can still manage to get in two errors in a 6-line tp2! And that will show you why I get test installers for things that I can't check myself. :)





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Doh, one more thing - REQUIRE_PREDICATE needs a string to display when the check fails. Something like:


REQUIRE_PREDICATE GAME_IS ~bgt~ ~This need only be installed if you are using BGT.~


I really tested it this time.

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Gah! I *KNEW* I needed to use a fail string with REQUIRE_PREDICATE, too. Now I feel like an idiot.


At least you caught it. Cheers!



Edit: Uploaded fixed files. Links are the same as the old ones.

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