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SHS: Yikari v1.7 Released

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Yikari is a NPC for BG2 - SoA (ToB required). He is a monk from Kara-Tur and can be found in the Temple District in Athkatla. He is Lawful Neutral, highly wise, but not all that intelligent. He knows he's a perfectly competent fighter, but doesn't pick fights with other NPCs. He is used to a chain of command, and will accept the PC's decisions without much trouble. Yikari tries not to anger anyone, but he's no walkover. He just is so efficient that he never get into a fight if he doesn't have to. He often tries teaching NPCs the benefits of self-control, and all the stuff he learnt in his monastery. He is a visitor to the sword coast and many things seem strange to him. He cannot help regarding everyone (except Yoshimo) as foreigners.


The changes in v1.7 are:

# Made Kuroisan interjection also compatible with The Big Picture

# Changed the way Yikari is spawned to improve compatibility with other mods


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