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Spoiler Request


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OK, I have been through the entirety of Dorn's Deep and have seen no hint of a book describing how Malavorn created his golems with which we can deactivate them or even possilbly turn them against him.


Unless the book comes at some earlier stage (I installed UB before entering the Gnome Village I believe), I can't see what it is I might be missing.


I also see no evidence that there is anything to do with the Voice of Durdel Anatha, as he stays dead after I have killed him. No getting back up at all.........


I have tried killing Nym first, then confronting the voice; killing Nym, the confronting Brother Harken, then confronting the voice and a number of other permutations of these events and I never get an "OK, they do not serve Ilmater and my curse is lifted-type response from the voice."


What's more, Brother Harken is still in the top right corner of the evil idol room and the dead priestess is still in the center right. I thought I had read that CamDawg removed the dead priestess and moved Brother Harken there?


Anyways, the only two mods that seem to work are guello/beorn expansion and Orrick's rhino beetle shell.


I can't tell it it's just me or an install error (or whatever) with the Voice and Malavorn's golems.


Please help ???


On a side note, I used IEEP to modify Dirty Llew, Beorn and Guello's shops to buy books and potions (so I could sell the umber hulk hides there, it only seems to make sense). And yet, the stores never have those buying options. I made sure to put these modified stores in my override before entering the area in question, so I don't see the problem here either. I thought that store mods will take so long as you don't enter the area in question before putting the mod store file in you override folder?

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So one of the bits Unfinished Business does is creates the Golem Book - which I found. And then when I get to the point where I can use it, I do, and I get bonus experience...and then the Golems attack me anyway. I've tried it with a 16 and 18 INT character so unless it requires boosted INT I don't think that's it...suggestions?

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