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Since Moonfruit is back on it and doing revisions, I see no point in us doing the same thing. :cry: I would suggest we submit our proposals for changes to him. But since the mod is no longer abandoned, I don't think we need to take care of it.

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LoI will now include only two Improved Battles components - Drizzt and Firkraag. Drizzt will still be there because I want to make him more pnp-like (items, etc), while Firkraag is there because I'm going to improve the other SoA dragons, and it'd be odd if Firkraag was left unaltered. There will be some other Firkraag-related additions too...


Drizzt, the Improved Dragons, Consequences (makes certain fights left until chapter 6/7 harder) will be grouped together in a single optional component, which we'll call "LoI Fight" or something :D. So if you're using Improved Battles and LoI at the same time, you'll have to either not install IB's Drizzt and Firkraag, or not use LoI Fight.


Of course I recommend you use LoI Fight, since Drizzt and Firkraag will be refinements of refinements and you'll be missing out on Improved Adalon, Improved Nizidramanii'yt, Improved Thaxll'ssillyia, Consequences, etc :cry:.

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