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Well I don't know but I have a dialogue idea, it seems to me Inara is not much into apologies (especially heartfelt ones)


Now lets say Inara in Drow form orders you to do something "humilitating"... character decides to play along and she makes a snide comment, playing along still knowing that the one you thought you loved is being well a "bitch" at the moment, and outside the underdark I was thinking a dialogue like this where it seems she has gone too far...


Inara (Looking into you eyes, she sees no compassion, no love, it seemed empty like the eyes of a drow, only staring, unflinching like she is staring into an abyss.)


Inara: Charname Whats wrong?

1) Stay Silent Ignore her.

2) Say it's nothing (lie)

3) Say it's nothing (truth)

If 1 go to A

if 2 go to B

if 3 go to C



Inara: Charname Tell me what has gotten into you? Answer me...

MainChar: (you notice as her eyes are about to water, yet they do not)

4) Stay Silent Ignore her

If 4 go to D


Inara: No something is wrong tell me!

Inara: What is wrong with you why are you so Cold?

5) Stay Silent

6) Tell her what she did wrong etc...

if 5 go to D

if 6 go to E


3) Inara: Well thats a relief it must be Adalon's spell wearing off, those eyes look so wrong on you, perhaps you need some "cheering up" at the nearest inn whereever it is...

end Dialogue


7)Inara: Mainchar Speak to me!

Keli: Sis stop I know what is wrong, and I had trouble holding it in...

Inara: What are you talking about?

Keli (she moves over and whispers in her ear) * she is saying apologize for her actions*

Inara: I WILL CERTAINLY NOT! I did nothing wrong, anyways it was all in good fun right?

Inara: (Inara looks at you with an uncertain glance wondering if she really did hurt your feeling)

Keli: Well if you don't sis.... I know who is going to get to re-bound

Inara: like hell you are!

End Dialogue


8) Inara: Fine if you want to be like that, I don't need you anyways!

Inara(sees her sisters eyes widen with glee)

Inara(grumbles off ahead of the party)

End Dialogue

Next dialogue would be at a tavern in which Inara actually DOES Apologize saying she actually loves you and she is sorry and she wants to know if you will forgive her and be with her.... (she actually apologizes because she doesn't want her kid sister to rebound him and prove that she out-did her) Then that being said right when Love is pronounced up to the point where Bohdi takes away your "love interest"


I actually thought it might be a good dialogue because sometimes when someone who you think you love pushes the wrong buttons too many times you do get atleast a bit ticked off... and it might teach her a lesson that she can't always mess with people's emotions like what she would do in the underdark.

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Always nice to hear from interested folk. :) I actually have specific plans for Inara's Underdark romance, but don't worry. Comeuppance will be dealt to those who push the wrong buttons one too many times.


So... is Inara going to let the player sleep with Phaere? Or ask to join in? :)

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