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Question about flirt consequences...

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I am curious. Yesterday I was exploring the flirting option on NWN2. I've seen the mod adds 2 kind of contents:

1) a menu for the PC to actively choose the "flirt" option

2) extension or addition to dialogues (ie: yesterday, Bishop added a comment on a painter who wanted to make a portrait of Shandra)

do they have different consequences in game? I mean, are they adding influence point or changing you alignment throughout the game? Or are they there just for fun?

If my PC flirt with one of the guy, can I drive new dialogues? Or maybe make the other guy more jealous? Do I have a fixed amount of flirting option and after that number, I can't choose the flirt option any more?

Thanks and sorry if it has already been asked.

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Flirting has absolutely no effect on influence or upon regularly scheduled game events. This goes for player-initiated flirts and for NPC-initiated dialogues. If you choose the wrong dialogue choice, it will sometimes end the romance, but regularly scheduled game events will still occur.


Your alignment will not change as a result of flirting.


There is no fixed number of flirts. You can flirt with the NPC as much as you like.


Frequent flirting does not open up new dialogues (though with Sand, the responses will change sometimes if you flirt with him often). Because of the way we implemented the romances, with each NPC being written by a different person and with each NPC being added separately, flirting with one guy will not make another (more) jealous. Bishop and Casavir are both plenty jealous already. That said, both of them have a player-initiated flirt where you can flirt with another party member to deliberately provoke jealousy. But it isn't cumulative.

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