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Permission for Chinese Translation

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Heya Domi,


I swear to Seldarine I'll make the work quickly and well. Could u be so nice to allow me to translate it? Totally love the mod.


Personal motive: Was running this Romance AND Xan's Romance in ToB right before my laptop got a heart attack or sth. IMO the old thing just could not take so much exitement. Now busy installing everthing back into my new machine but I miss Kivan so much...


Perhaps u wanna know that in trow (the largest chinese BG-forum. http://trow.cn/forum/index.php?act=idx) there was a fellow who did some of the translation, but he's gone missing right now and I think it would be right to ask u for a permission to start the work from the very beginning again.


And and and wut i wanna say is that i'm totally ur fans... hugs

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Please, go ahead, and you really do not need my permission. TRA files are available, and if you finish it, I will gladly include... er... beg kind gibberlings who are light years ahead of me with the current WeiDU to add this to the mod.

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thx so much :mad:


Another thing: Since the BG1 NPC Project folder mystically disappeared from what's left of my late hard disc (well not so mystically now if considered the whole messy condition of it) I would have to ask u for at least the names of the relevant TRA.s... Hopefully I could find them somewhere. *sigh*


EDIT: Erm, I mean the TRA.s in which Kivan's dialogues in BG1 are contained.


EDIT's EDIT: Never mind. I found them... I FOUND THEM!!!


Deherianna is... much more cheery than I could ever imagine. Just realized it while going through her dialogues. That solemn portrait is so misleading! :beer:

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