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MotB: Voiced Dialog gone.

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I installed the romance pack v2 properly (well, I think so) and played through the original campaign with no problems. I export my character at the end, and start MotB. I immediately notice that the narrator isn't talking. Safiya has lost her voice too. Dialog is just flying by, sometimes I don't even have a chance to read it. I started a fresh character in MotB, and it had the same problems.


I have the following addons installed:

Kaedrin's PrC Pack v1.40.4

Spell Fixes and Improvements version 6.03

Companion and Monster AI 2.2

Companion multiclass 1.21

As well as the romance pack.


I've played MotB with the PrC pack, the AI pack, and the spell fix pack before without issues. I renamed the multiclass files, but still have the problem. This leads me to believe that this romance pack is the problem.


What can I do to fix this problem? And if it isn't the romance pack's fault, can you help me discover what is?

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Ah, thank you. I had to reinstall the game and didn't want to wait for Atari's slow patcher, so I grabbed a torrent of patches and a patcher. I must have missed one of them.


On forum topic, I rather like the romance pack. The interjections are a nice addition. If there is one thing I'd change is that there should be an exit conversation option after you tell Casavir you want to talk about something.

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