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Rosenranken: Update of Ajantis BG1 Expansion Modification (v4)


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The Ajantis BG1 Expansion Modification is a mini-mod for "vanilla" BG1 (with or without the add-on Tales of the Sword Coast), BG1Tutu v4, EasyTutu, and BGT. It is currently only available in English.


The new version includes some minor bug fixes and for BG1 a script addition for a clean romance breakup in case of an hostile leave not trigered by this mod.




For Tutu and BGT, the mod adds a friendship track for Ajantis. Contentwise, the friendship mod is meant as an addition to the BG1NPC project, but technically it can be installed and played without the BG1NPC project.


The BG1NPC project can be found at Gibberlings Three: http://www.gibberlings3.net/bg1npc/index.php


For original BG1 (with or without TotSC), the mod adds a friendship track and the BG1NPC project romance for Ajantis. The original BG1NPC project romance was slightly altered to adjust to the restrictions of the BG1 engine, although overall the content stayed the same.



The second part of the Mod gives a choice of custom portraits for Ajantis. The portraits can be installed independent to the friendship/romance part of the mod.

You can have a look at the portraits here: http://www.rosenranken.org/index.php?topic=6551.0


Not all portraits are included yet, as I am still waiting for permission for some of the artists.

Portraits included are from


-Azguz aka Azze










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