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TBG: Welcomes Phobia and Her Mods in Progress

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TeamBG welcomes Phobia and her two in progress mods, Leopard Love and the Crimson Guard. What are they?


Leopard Love

Ezekiel is a CG barbarian slave, cursed to spend most of his life in leopard form, only reverting back into a human several hours a day before he is changed back. Can you help him counter this curse? Zeke is for BG2, romances both male and female PC's, and comes with a personal quest. Forum


The Crimson Guard

An anti-terrorist force called The Crimson Guard is after the Bhaalspawn! You must confront them in order to survive, but you are not alone. One of their own ranks may lend you a hand. This mod is for BG2 and includes hostile encounters with the Crimson Guards and their elites, along with Lando, a new recruitable LE Fallen Ranger NPC. Forum


So drop by and check out her mod ideas, offer support or just say hello.


TeamBG, we're still building worlds.

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