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Bounty Hunters


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Now, just to be sure, you did encounter the first Bounty Hunter? It seems there's a rare issue where he spawns too far away and the whole quest won't initiate. If not though and you've killed him, the second group should be right around the entrance to You-Know-Who's lair (which was done to keep people who proceeded normally through the game from missing it). They're mages, four of them. If they're still not there, it must be a glitch...


And the variable is "ADAngelRomanceActive," according to the file. I'm no expert on Shadowkeeper though.


Sorry I can't be of more help!


Anyway, best of luck :blush:



OK, I have gone to Windspear Hills and have not been ambushed by the second round of Bountyhunters. What should I do?


Also, when checking ShadowKeeper, I cannot seem to find an ADAngelRomance variable.


Thanks in advance. :laugh:

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