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first hackthrough of tob


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Yesterday I completed the first hackthrough of tob with gemrb. This means it should be completable in one of the next two releases! :blush:


Why hacktrough and more waiting time, you ask? The playing showed a bunch of bugs, including a few blockers, which I hacked around for the sake of completion. Many of the bugs were fixed along the way, but complex blockers remain, so it currently isn't reproducible without inside knowledge and hacking. Considering tob is heavy on spellcasting, we should also first fix a few more effect bugs to make the experience more pleasant. On that note, don't ever try fireshields or vengeful gear. They're a fast way to kill an opponent, but that works both ways and considering fireshield is a contingency classic, that means plenty of trouble. In tob this is a blocking bug, because a few creatures have a natural undispellable fireshield.


This time the game was done with a full party and no xp/item cheating. I didn't try Watcher's Keep, except for the outside level.

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