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Wonderful mod! But I need help please...


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First I would like to express my appreciation of this mod. Domi, you are a wonderful writer. I still can’t play BG1 without falling for Coran :laugh: , and I can’t bear to visit him in BG2 – I avoid the area altogether. Better that than having him not recognizing me… /sigh


But back to the IWD2 mod…

Wonderful. The NPCs are as varried as they are interesting. Each has its impact and leaves a strong impression on the PC. Great dialogues and repartees. The characters virtually come alive as you play and, quite frankly, I can’t imagine playing that game without them. I did Rizdaer’s romance on my first run through (this is my second). And the part in the ice temple (don’t want to spoil anything, but you know which one I speak of) was so simple, yet so gripping. Very touching. Amazing writing.


That being said, I now have a small problem with Jaemal. His music. I can’t stand it, sorry. :blush: It just keeps reminding me of that crazy wench who abducts the children and, well, it’s not really conductive to romance, as I’m sure you’ll agree.


So, do you think I could pick any (.wave file) and replace Jaemal’s music it in the override folder? If so, what should I name it? And is there anything else I must do?


I’m very sorry to be bothering you with this but, atm, I have next to no modding skills. And I’m not picky, really – any nice, soft music would do, even no music would be ok. Just not the crazy wench music, hehe.


So again, grats on all your mods! And if you ever write a book, please be sure and let us know, I’ll be glad to buy anything that you write. :laugh:


And thanks for your patience.




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Hi, thank you for your kind words, and it's not every day you run into someone who likes Coran :beer:


Replacing his music should be relatively easy. Let me check the hard-drive of my machine, I should still have the mod, if not the IWD2 install, and I can give you the file-name reference that should be replaced. IIRC a simple wav should work for music, you do not need to convert it to the bio compressed format. It will be large, but one file should be Okay.

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You’re very welcome. :D My words are sincere and well earned.


And thank you for your attention regarding Jaemal’s music. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. And that’s great news! I’m glad I’ll only have to replace one file; it will make it much easier on me as, atm, I have such poor modding skills.

Now comes the fun part of deciding which music to use. :D


As for my praise concerning Coran, you are most welcome. And I understand what you speak of: I have read the forums. But it’s normal. When you write such a deep character, some players are bound to get frustrated. :beer:

Getting close to him does not mean instant gratification, as it might with many other romance mods. And rejection is never easy to take, I suppose.


Personally, my first run through was very smooth. He fell in love and stayed until the end.


The only time he leaves <charname> now, is when she tries to control him – still have not been able to do the “babyless†path… Whenever <charname> tries anything different from what she really wants to do, it backfires and he gets bored. But it’s a lot of fun. When you’ve played the game many times, it’s nice to have something different to work for – a new challenge –, and Coran surely offers that.

And the music is so perfect for him. Again, great work! :)

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Thank you again.


The file you want to replace is in:


Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale II\IWD2NPC\Sounds\Jaemal


and is called jaem000.ogg


It must be repalced with an ogg file in Stereo, 16 bit, 22050 Hz format. Audacity is the program most commonly used to edit the music files. The files I have for romance music are clipped to approximately 1 min in length and edited to fade in and fade out in the beginning and end.


Hope that helps!

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