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Morphed dragon as an NPC?


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Hmm i have no time to make mods myself, especially since i would have to learn from scratch :D but.. i have this idea.. maybe somebody will like it and pick it up :D


How about a morphed dragon as a joinable NPC? We have (completed or in development): drows, vampires, thieflings, ghosts.. + all the normal races.. But what about a polimorphed dragon? Now before i get stoned to death :cry: , the idea would be having the dragon cursed magically by a very powerful being of an external plane to be morphed into the body of a humanoid . Since the dragon needs a godlike power to free him/herself from the curse, he/she finds our favorite bhaalspawn and join the party :D


I think this mod would be extremely interesting because in all the usual dialogues, quests and banters you would be able to see what a dragon thinks about your adventures ... Just think about how differently a dragon would interpret the conceps of good and evil, whatever his/her alignment!


And maybe ( though it would take a much greater effort for the volume of dialogues to write and code..) it could be some sort of relationship mod, where our bhaalspawn and the dragon forge a friendship.. or maybe even a romance?


Well personally i think the possibilities would be endless (depending on the alignment of the dragon of course..). And it would also be an original mod ?

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Ahh but in my pionion it would be a completely different thing. Adalon would join you not because she's forced to do it, just because she wants it. Also, if adalon joined, what would stop her for retaking her form in case of though fights outdoor? In my idea, the dragon would be very resentful at being in a humanoid form.. and would also be unable to change back to his/her form. Also, while adalon morphed is a powerful magic user, the dragon could have been morphed into ANYTHING (lol got to love an evil dragon morphed into awarrior...)

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