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a couple of questions about Elanee and the romance pack

Guest Beren

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Hi everyone,


First question ... I've just finished taking down the bridges to Crossroad Keep. The wall scene with Elanee though, she's talking while she's still down in the courtyard while its Neeshka who appears on the wall. I did get positive influence with Neeshka in order to prevent her from turning on me, but not as much as Elanee since I definitely prefer Elanee. So what is up with this? Why isn't Elanee up on the wall with me instead of Neeshka? Is this a bug? Is there a fix for this?


Second, in Mask of the Betrayer, I never take Safiya with me. So will it be enough for me to simply express to Ammon Jerro that I hope Elanee still lives to get the Epilogue?



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Did you finish Elanee's quest? I don't know all the technical stuff for this mod, but that might be a big part of it.


Second question: Yes, telling Ammon Jerro the correct response and not romancing the appropriate person in MOTB will be enough to give you the Elanee ending.

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Elanee vs Neeshka script on the Walls check the following:


Influence with Elanee is equal or over 10, and her romance is not deactivated. (P#ElaneeRomanceInactive doesn't exist)

There is a discrepancy with Neeshka's global value in the script, I will fix it, and we'll have to update the pack. I don't know, if it will fix the issue, but we'll need to test. I won't be at the Walls for a while. A quick solution for you is to:


Before the Walls, tell Neeshka via flirts that you love Elanee, and see if it fixes the issue.


If that doesn't try checking your globals file and see that:


P#ElaneeRomanceInactive doesn't exist - delete it or set to 0

Set P#NeeshkaRomanceInactive to 1


If that doesn't fix it, I will need to work further on it.

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