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Bloodlines, out of courisity.


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Wasn't sure the best place to post this.


There are so many wonderful mods here, have any of you tried Vampire Bloodlines, it has some well written dialog and wonderful acting by the NPCs? There has been a resurgence of modding as of late at the new official fan forum, which purchased the rights from gamespy (iirc) and started there own new forum.


There really isn't an official editor but there are quite a few tools that have been created, over the five years. There have been mods to allow companions, let you sire a vampire, add quests to each clan (which pits clans against each other, in a more aggressive manner), additional clans, than original seven and more hardcore rules (like constantly using up blood, causing you to need to feed often).


Bloodlines could always use your skills, input and if you ever have a craving for something, you know not what it is.....consider it might be Blood! :cringe:

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I've played Bloodlines twice, second time with a Malkavian which was probably the most fun I had in a video game for years. I tried out some new skins for my Malkavian girl (some dirty ones :cringe:) but didn't really find any substantial mods. The modding community purchased the rights (which rights anyway? to mod?)? That sounds impressive.

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Oh there are lots of new mods, have a look at the new mod forum.


When I mentioned purchasing rights, it was in reference to buying the dying official gamespy forum rights (though I am not sure I am 100% correct, since I am not involved). It's been awhile since I read the info but it's on the site, how and what they acquired.


I must have posted this in the wrong forum General Modding, instead of Noobermeet?

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