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BG2 - the Mischief one can cause...


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Alright. I spent the past hour listening to LANIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE talk (all the while wanting to kidnap Lanie from BOTH 'parents' and wanting to give Miranda thumbs up for saying that Gavin can be difficult to be around) when my poor little pc had just been tortured most cruelly, her best friend had been kidnapped, she found out that a close friend of hers died and she basically could have done with a hug. Next thing to annoy me further was Gavin telling Jaheira to shut up because she has no parenting experience when Jaheira spent the past year on being my character's guardian and trying to look after Imoen - and basically rubbing in that Khalid is now dead which breaks my heart every time I hear it. So I kept thinking "I wanna punch you - I wanna hug Jaheira - I wanna punch you really hard" (I've started to consider having Lanie killed, but I quite liked her, even if she was a bit of a brat) and then I met my Xanny. And when I met Xanny the beautiful (who was told that we flirted but nothing came out of it as that's what happened in BG1) I realized that the engagement ring is no longer set to Angie only. So now Xanny is wearing a lovely violet-stoned ring to go with his robes. Yay. I feel a bit better already.


But really - I love this mod... but he's worse than Xanny was re the Slayer stuff in unbonded romance - and we haven't even met the Slayer yet... ;)

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He's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky that my character is a neutral good ranger with a heart of gold. Personally I feel like leaving him at the next corner and tell him to go and mind his own business. I also really wish I'd done the thing that made other people use the puke icon and a spoiler warning. (I promised myself not to go into anything unspoiled again after Xan-bonded path...)


I mean seriously. She shows up wounded and wrecked and he hasn't seen her for weeks. They're basically married even if they didn't get a priest's blessing yet. And his first reaction is "well I'm missing my daughter -who is NOT your daughter, idiot, we've been there, Miranda even TOLD you..- all of my current screen shots are labeled "Gavin is a selfish bastard..." It doesn't even matter who he's talking to.


But ah well. He's engaged to Xan now. So I can just lean back and enjoy the show. I begin to think that non-bonded Xanny and Gavin might just deserve each other. ;)


Time to listen to Rolling Stone's "Angie" for a bit. I keep thinking of that song ever since I started playing the second game... I really might write a fanfic... (if I can beg your permission to base it on the mod) he'll get punched a lot. Especially by Jaheira for telling her that Khalid didn't manage to father a child. I sooooo wish she'd hit people when they're rude about Khalid. -And then Jaheira will find out she's pregnant and when Gavin gives her any advice she'll say she only takes advice from people who have a child that's theirs by NATURE...)

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I'm too nice. He's sweet-talked her *twice* now. And I've already semi-forgiven him. Even though I was revolted by clicking that she was slightly angry instead of telling him to go to hell and that she might drop by later. On the other hand... he's a Lathanderpriest. So clearly he doesn't understand that not everything about a relationship is forgive and forget if you piss off the other enough. If he ever meets a Talos-priestess of mine he'd better beware. She'd simply kill him.


Oh you don't own the universe. But you do own Gavin as he's your own creation. :) But I'm fortunately sure that he's going to live on even if five of my stories kill him, maim him and torment him to death. -Please do take it as a compliment. If I didn't care I'd simply stop playing and uninstall the mod.-


;) I haven't laughed that hard in a looong time. I don't know why that made me crack up, but thank you xD

Well I'm glad it made you laugh. - Laughter is good, for all of us.



Edit: Feeling so much better by this point. If you ignore that he basically ignores everything pc went through till he gets his brain back he's actually quite sweet. And his naughtiness is lovely. I wished I hadn't decided that my character knew nothing whatsoever about sex before she met him or she'd rejoice at this point. As it is she awkwardly keeps asking him to share her bedroll to then push him away. :laugh:


Is it normal btw. that he barely talks in BG2? I can initiate flirts and he claims they're happily engaged. But I haven't had him talk on his own account for quite a while now (I might have overdone the "maybe you should meditate if you're unwell" part but she didn't realize he might want something else. His last talk was about how horrible Athkatla is -right after telling me he wanted to move there- and it's definitely been more than 15 minutes since. Probably roughly an hour and a half or such. :( I'm not yet sure if he's happier again now that she decided to snuggle and actually let him get somewhere to a certain stage. But I intended to have him actually wait till they're wed. ;)

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(I feel stupid editing the same post five times, sorry.)


I adore him. He's a stupid bastard for the first few talks. But he's really, really growing on me again. And he's quite magnificent when it comes to options in the pid!!! ;)

It's quite generally covering whatever one could want to come up with, even if there's moments that make me think "why can't I...", but I always have those. One thing I really miss is asking Gavin if he'd want Angie to look after Lanie if something happens to him.

Btw. Is Lanie supposed to say only hi and bye after she gave him that picture she drew the first time we met her?


;) I think the not talking was my fault. I restarted my game from before he was killed and raised (I do that automatically and without thinking twice... it's one of the main reasons why I keep clerics and certain druids around...) and now he's flirting with her again.

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