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new class of magic weapon, perhaps


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Ultima V's Glass Sword

mastercrafted weapons

minimum enchantment levels to hit certain creatures

BG1's weapon breakage



base weapons with no abilities or bonuses beyond an enchantment level and a chance to break



personally, i'd rid myself of the entire concept of "only hit by +X or better weapons" as it essentially forces class-based loadouts for specific fights. i'd love it if my cleric could be armed with a Mace of My God that did nothing other than provide that necessary +3 or +5 or +whatever sans thac0 & damage bonuses, flashing lights, choirs of doom, etc.


i'd love it if these weapons had a history as well, and the chance of breaking would make them worth saving for those aforementioned fights. hell, if the stories were good enough you might just keep them around as the priceless relics that they actually are.



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I don't fully understand what you're talking about but AFAIK Item Revision doesn't add any new items to game (with few exception - when old item was lame and there's a severe need for replacement). Posting in SHS's Mod Ideas forum would be a better idea for sure.

About idea alone... I still don't get it. You want to have crystal sword without ThaC0/Damage bonuses but with enchantment only... okay, but what then. Why it'd be usefull for anyone? Maybe you should've tried to write it's story first - because concept alone isn't as alluring as it probably looks for you. Sorry.

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